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These works were started in Spring 2012 in Waldron for the local garden designer Juliet Sargeant. Juliet supplied the plans and scope of works which we priced for and the customer accepted early in 2012. We split the works into 2 stages. The lower garden including a large pergola and associated terracing the later the large upper terrace and major steps and walling.

Firstly all was marked out and new foundations were dug.

Then filled with concrete and Peter built accurate pillars.

Great care was taken in positioning.

Each pillar had to be exact.

There was a little pondering by Ian & Peter at times!

Uprights were fixed and the necessary retaining walling was built.

All the timber was jointed by hand on site.

The pergola began to take shape!

It was quite a large impressive structure.

A lot of timber was needed.

Soon the pergola was finished

Corner braces all added

Time to get some brickwork completed

A central brick walkway

A further step, shingle area and raised bed was created

Then we began in earnest on the large patio area

A lot of digging out needed!

The original central steps had to be rebuilt

The main patio laid

A large wide set of steps and a shingle area created

Finally the new patio could be created using quite colourful Camel Indian mixed sized paving. The paving was mixed with stock brickwork. All laid & jointed in sand & cement over a concrete sub base to falls.