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Welcome to the Rockeries, Waterfalls and Ponds page of All Gardens Great and Small. They have been lumped together as nowadays we hardly ever complete a rockery! Back in the 80's and 90's we completd some huge rockeries! When I first started landscaping in the very early 80's, my mentor Cyril warned me that it takes 30yrs to understand and build a proper rockery! He was in his sixties then and we were completing some massive rockeries in Brighton and Hove, just the 2 of us using crow bars! No mini diggers then. With health and safety laws and haulage costs, using large chunks of stone has faded. We tend to onlu use stone now for small waterfalls and ponds, but again very rarely! Below I enclose a few pics I have found on file, plus you are very elcome to visit any of our other specialist pages.

A tumbling array of stones created by Ian in Ovingdean in the late 90's

Below was created by Peter, waiting for planting

More major projects shown here with water tumbling through many!

Often ponds need simple rock features

Below was a lovely man made stream

Plus sometimes we create quite formal ponds for wildlife gardens