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We regularly travel up to the East Grinstead and Crawley area!

All Gardens Great and Small are based in East Sussex near Lewes, but we regularly travel up to the East Grinstead and Crawley area. Recently we completed a very nice project at Farm Close in East Grinstead. Ian helped on the Garden Design and managed the whole project. This project involved a lot of preparation, blockwork, brickwork, steps and Raj Indian Sandstone laid to falls. Below I will enclose a few pics:-

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starting point This East Grinstead garden felt very cramped when Ian first visited. The idea was to widen the patio and create more welcoming steps and terracing. A lot of preparation will be needed as the existing retaining wall appears very thick!

angle grinder at workour breakers did a lot of work A lot to dig out The existing wall was very thick! We were unable to break easily in this location as we had no access for a large pecker! We had to cut slowly with a 12inch angle grider through the reinforcements and gradually eat in with our breakers. Yes it took several days. Eventually we did manage! And our mini digger could then do the easy part and dig out the clay.

Lots of digger work was needed. Our track barrow carted all the debris to the front where we neatly piled on boards for grab disposal.

Several grab loads away were needed. We also had to protect the bank from landslip. Even whilst block was in progress the bank was still trying to move! Our digger was very useful!

Steadily the block work was completed and gradually faced with stock brickwork!

With 2 retaining walls, Peter had considerable brickwork to complete, plus a major flight of steps

tracked dumper very useful Many packs of bricks used, the dumper was continually in use and the paving had arrived!

Colourful Raj Indian paving beautiful steps The paving was rapidly laid, such nice Raj Stone! The steps could also be uncovered

curved steps drainage via a trap and gully The full effect could now be seen. The main steps could be seen in their full glory. We topped the raised beds with topsoil. The simple but effective drainage with pipework under the patio could be seen working!

finished product The project was finished for us. The customer wanted to plant themselves. We had created a very inviting space. This large project had been completed by Peter with Ian supplying the materials and on the dumper when necessary!