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Garden Works, Farm Close, East Grinstead 2012

These garden works were started in Spring 2012 at Farm Close, East Grinstead. We had previously worked for their neighbour and we were asked back to price for a similar project. The customer supplied the rough plan which we slightly amended as the conditions dictated. The aim was to create a larger patio, allow space for a new conservatory and a larger shed. Drainage is a severe problem in this garden. Very high water table and moving clay.

Below you can follow the works

When we first visited, the existing patio

initial welcome

Not a welcoming front garden.

Exisiting decaying patio

Original steps and walling to go

Original steps to remove

Old patio area was very cramped.

Looking down

Very thick walls to chop out

Old wall was very thick

Took us a few days and burnt out our breakers!

Much breaking up

Digger and track barrow were in use

Digger at work

much work was needed by the digger

igger at work

All then concreted

Concrete sub base in

Then more excavation

More to excavate

Spoil was carefully piled at the front for grab disposal

spoil away

Landslip had to be supported

Landslip support needed

Blocks laid as a retaining wall

Blocks being laid

Peter hard at work laying blocks

Peter at work

Materials used rapidly

Blocks being laid

Ian had been barrowing in the bricks ready for the next stage of works

pile of bricks waiting

more walling underway

walling underway

New steps underway

Steps started

More walling underway

More Walling

Yes, Peter does stop for a sandwich!

Peter caught having a sandwich

Bricks carted in by our tracked barrow

Bricks in the barrow

More materials are arriving to be used

Pile of materials outside

Steps now completed!

Steps now completed

Lovely mixed sized Raj paving!


Another view of the steps!


Finished patio and much walling!

Finished patio

Side view of the steps

Side view of the steps

Patio drainage!


Finished walling and raised beds!

Raised beds

Project completed! Spacious feeling patio and attractive welcoming steps.

Spacious patio