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These works were completed around Easter time 2018 for our customers in Tonbridge Kent. Yes its an hours drive from us over the Forest, but well worth it. It was a physical project but we transformed their frontage. We used a good local firm to cart away the debris and Parkers obtained the blocks for us.Preparation involved several grab loads out, retaing walling needed with secure footings and a well prepared brick drive was laid.

Below you can follow the works


initial welcome

When we first visited

Unused frontage

Not a welcoming front garden. Quite a slope and overgrown

Green Waste removed

First job was to clear some of the green waste


Handwork and our mini digger was used to clear

Grab loads to go

Then we had several grab loads of soil.sub soil to go

Much digging

We kept digging and piling carefully. We were uncovering drains,

Footings in

After clearance we put a sub base down and laid footings for the brickwork


Once cleared Peter could get on with the walling

Stock brick walling

We set the wall on an attractive sweep

Road Draiage

We had to be aware of and make good drainage found

more spoil away

More materials away and delivered

Walling well underway

walling is now well underway, weep holes placed

Blocks being laid

Blocks can now be laid over the compacted sub base!

Driveway arising

Peter carefully lays

Blocks being laid

Drive taking shape

looking good!

The pattern looks good!

kiln dried sand jointing

kiln dried sand being brushed in


The finished project


Hedging has now been planted

Transformed front garden

What a transformation!